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Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
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About Helene

I love pets and cannot wait to meet yours!

Since no two pets are the same, I will meet you for an obligation-free meet and greet, to get to know your pet (and we can ask each other any questions).

You will receive multiple daily photos, videos, and updates while I'm with your pet/s so you can see the fun that we get up to as it happens!

Most of the finer details will be discussed during the meet-and-greet, so reach out now and we can organise one soon.

Pet Related Experience

My extensive experience includes volunteering at the SPCA since early 2018, working as an assistant dog trainer, volunteering at the Kitten Inn, and helping pet owners with their cats, dogs, rabbits and even mice through Pawshake for a year.

Every pet I have looked after has its own personality and interesting quirks, and with that, they hold a special place in my heart. This includes dogs that are fear-aggressive, anxious and easily over-stimulated, cats that won't leave you alone and some that want nothing to do with you.

About Me

I am a full-time student, studying software engineering (which I normally do remotely) and have a part-time job where I work up to 3 days a week for a max of 5 hours each day.

Wellington Dog walker

While you're busy, hard at work, your dog will be out and about enjoying a fun-filled adventure around the parks and trails offered in Wellington.

Throughout the walk, we will do some simple training and fun games that will help your dog to be calmer, more focused, or more confident.

Your dog will be out and about for at least an hour, smelling new smells and meeting new friends.

There is one group walk and one solo walk each day. If your dog joins the group walk you can expect them to be out for around 2-3 hours.

I love dogs of all shapes and sizes and am not afraid of a little mud and rain.

Wellington Dog Boarding

If you are heading away, let your pet/s enjoy a holiday of their own.

A day spent here usually includes a long walk in the morning and another adventure later in the day (e.g. another walk, going to the beach, fetch at the park) with plenty of playtime and cuddles between.

Your dog is welcome to sleep inside on a bed of their own - or even on my bed. They will spend most of their day in my sleep-out/granny flat, on an adventure, or relaxing with my family (I live with my mum and sister but we do not have any pets).

My sleep-out/granny flat is fully fenced, the shortest part of the fencing is 1.3m high, so can be jumped by larger dogs.

When taking care of your pet/s in my home, I may need to leave for up to 5 hours, and whilst there is nearly always someone home when I am out, I only take on dogs that would be comfortable if they needed to be left alone for this amount of time.

House sitter / Dog Sitter / Cat Sitter

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently only accepting house sits in Karori, Northland, Wilton, CBD, and Wadestown or from pets I have looked after before. However, if you are looking for a dog sitter from outside of these areas, I would be happy to have your dog stay at my place.

By continuing your pet/s regular routines and allowing them to stay in their happy place - your house, they will be comfortable and happy while you are away.

Your pet/s will get masses of love and attention as well as daily exercise.

Somedays I leave for work for up to 5 hours, for this reason, I ask that your pet/s are comfortable with spending some time without human company.

Helene's services

At the sitter's home

Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
20 NZD for each additional pet
40 NZD

At your home

Dog Walking
An experienced dog walker will pick up your dog from your home for a 30 min walk
20 NZD for each additional pet
25 NZD
House Sitting
A sitter stays overnight in your home and cares for your pet
55 NZD

Helene also offers

Pick up / drop off

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


Profile accuracy
Treatment of animals
Dog Walking
Rob, 2021-06-20

Awesome as always. Thanks Helene.

Dog Walking
Rob, 2021-05-29

Great dog walker, always communicates well and takes Butts on great walk locations.

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About Helene's Home

Accepted pets

Dog sizes
0-80 kg
Dog ages
1-20 years
Dog sex
Female & Male

Helene's home

A medium outdoor area
Has no kids
A fully fenced backyard
Emergency transport

Walking areas

Nearby off-leash dog area
Urban, City park & Forest


Specific Skills

I speak English
< 5 years of experience
Familiar with dog training techniques
  • Knowledge of positive reinforcement techniques
  • understanding of dog communication
  • Experience with dogs with behavioural problems

Can Administer

Oral medications

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets
Behavioural problems




"caring, Calm & Reliable"

Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
20 NZD for each additional pet
40 NZD
All services and rates
Contact Helene

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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