A Family Of Dog Lovers

A Family Of Dog Lovers

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Bertha's furry clients.

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Hi, I'm Bertha!

I'm not taking any bookings until end of January 2019.

Thank you

My partner and I have had multiple dogs in the past.

My two daughters who are 9 an 6, both are very caring and gentle with dogs.

I joined Pawshake because I want to give all dogs the opportunity to be cared for the same way as I have done for my own dogs.

We have a large fully fenced outdoor area for your dog to chill out and the indoor of course. He will have a daily walk, lots of love and cuddles to make his stay as enjoyabl as possible.

I will arrange meet and greet with you prior to dog boarding/dog daycare to discuss your dog's needs. While you're away, you will receive pictures of your furry baby to stay connected.

Note: Your dog will need to be well socialised, desexed and fully toilet trained. Flea, worming and vaccinations will also need to be up to date please. These are required to ensure the health and happiness of all pets in my care.

Small to medium size dogs are my preferred choice for dog boarding and doggy day care. However, if you have larger dogs, I'm happy to discuss that with you prior to our meet and greet via Pawshake :-)

Looking forward to meeting you.


Specific Skills

I speak English & French
5+ years of experience

I can administer

Oral medications

I have experience with

Rescuing pets

I also offer

Pick up / drop off


Last minute bookings
Flexible cancellation policy

My place

I have

A house
Kids <10 years old
A fully fenced backyard
A large outdoor area

I can provide

Emergency transport

When your pet stays with me

I accept


Walking areas

Beach & city park

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