Woof Stay N Play - Spoilt Care For Small Dogs

Woof Stay N Play - Spoilt Care For Small Dogs

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Auckland Pawshaker since Aug 2014

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Stacey's furry clients.

Huxley, Penny, Husky Zheng
Huxley, Penny, Husky Zheng
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Hi, I'm Stacey!

I will bring my time, my cuddles, my longish nails for some good scratches, and treats!

We have a generous back yard and all day sun for relaxing and sunbathing for your pooch, birds to chase in the bushy back yard, and a dog park nearby for screaming around and getting rid of those zoomies that come out of nowhere!

I can do anything you need for your pets, whether that be medicating, walking, grooming, training or just feeding! I do have 2 small dogs and a cat, so can only take on pets who can get along. I also work full time so please keep that in mind. It does create a routine and sense of normalcy for your pet, which I believe is a good thing especially for an anxious pet.

Please check my availability calendar to see if I am available to look after your pet. I will only take one booking at a time to save on less stress for your pet and to ensure the quality of care for your pet is met. I believe information and communication is vital when searching for the right sitter!

If you're looking for me to come and look after your pets in your own home, I only petsit on the North Shore where I reside with my own little fur family.

To sum up, I will treat your animals as if they were my own, as I know its hard to be apart from them and worry about them when you aren't there. I only apologise if they come home to you a little fatter and exhausted than when you left them! :)

Specific Skills

I speak English
Familiar with dog training techniques
10+ years of experience

I can administer

Oral medications
First aid and CPR for pets

I have experience with

Artboard Behavioural problems
Rescuing pets


Strict cancellation policy
accept only 1 client at a time

My place

I have

A house
No kids
A fully fenced backyard
A medium outdoor area

Resident Pets

When your pet stays with me

I accept

Only small dogs

Walking areas

Urban, beach & city park
Nearby off-leash dog area


Only dogs under 8kg.

Only dogs older than 3 years.

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