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Couple Available For Pet Sitting

Couple Available For Pet Sitting

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Anita & Jamie

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Hi, I'm Anita & Jamie!

Jamie and I (Anita) like dogs very much and we are available to look after your pet. We are a responsible couple that have a lot of dog experience. 

We are free on the weekends or weeknights, but both have full-time jobs so weekends are best. My office allows dogs, and I could bring one depending if I feel comfortable with it.

My home has a fully fenced back yard though I think we would spend most the time keeping an eye on the pet as through experience, some dogs can jump high fences!

We like hikes and walks and would be going between his house and mine, his has an even better place for dogs than mine, across the road from Grey Lynn park. 

We have both owned dogs before, 2 for me (both medium sized) and 1 x fostering, he has a family dog he grew up with that still lives in the family home.

I have been through 2 x 8 week dog training courses and feel comfortable giving dogs leadership.

If we looked after your dog we would want to take it with us walking, or relax in the garden and they would get a lot of attention. 

Specific Skills

< 5 years of experience

Anita has been through 16 weeks of dog training total - one husky, one pitty/staffy/sharpei mix.

Jamie has a lifetime of experience with smaller family dogs.

Both confident.

I have experience with

Rescuing pets

I also offer

Dog training


Last minute bookings
Flexible cancellation policy

My place

I have

A house
A fully fenced backyard
A medium outdoor area

I can provide

24/7 supervision
Emergency transport

When your pet stays with me

I accept


Walking areas

Urban, beach & city park
Nearby off-leash dog area

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