Keeping your pet warm in the winter

Keeping your pet warm in the winter


Do pets feel the cold like we do?

We humans have the luxury of being able to layer up, but your pet might need a bit of extra help staying warm. This is especially important in short-haired breeds, older pets or smaller pets that really feel the chill at this time of the year.

Dog cuddled in blanket during winter

Preparing for pet sitting during winter

If you're a pet owner, discuss bedding and sleeping arrangements with your pet sitter before a booking. It's important to view the space where your pet will be staying beforehand, which is why a meet and greet is so essential 

If you're a pet sitter, it's worth keeping all pets inside when it’s particularly cold. This way you know they will be warm and dry (and close to you for easy cuddle access!). 

Bedding arrangements

If keeping a pet indoors isn’t always possible, always make sure they have a cosy, dry spot to shelter outside away from the wind and rain. This might be in a cat-run, a solid dog house, a garage, the laundry or covered area. Be sure to include plenty of warm, clean blankets for them to curl up in.

Elevate your pet's bedding if there’s a chance it could become damp or wet. make sure you wash and air it out in the sun regularly to stop it from getting smelly or mouldy.  

Pets that are more vulnerable to the cold

Little pets such as rodents and birds shouldn't be exposed to very cold temperatures. Move their pen or cage inside and provide plenty of dry, warm bedding for them to curl up in. 

Senior pets and young pets can suffer from the cold, so we recommend keeping them inside. If you do happen to be the owner of a more vulnerable pet, consider buying a cosy pet coat. Make sure your pet can move comfortably and start with a few practice sessions to get your pet comfortable wearing it.

Calico cat in blanket in the winter cold

Eating habits during winter

You might notice that, like yourself, your pet’s appetite increases in winter. Make sure you provide them with healthy pet food and plenty of exercise and fun, stimulating activities. If your pooch is staying with a dog boarder, be sure to leave a supply of extra food as a backup.

Treating dry winter skin

Be aware that your pet's skin might become dry and flakey during the cold weather, due to dry air conditioning, less hydration, under or over-bathing. Bark Butter is a great brand that offers natural products to keep your pet's coat and skin healthy all year round.

Keep your home sealed

Encourage family members to leave doors shut and use draft blockers at the edges of unsealed doors and windows. This will assist in insulating your house naturally and reduce your need for heating and, in turn, your carbon footprint. We're sure you agree that anything for a smaller heating bill in winter is a good thing!!

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